Saturday, December 05, 2009

A Day full of Emotions

Blimey where shall we start!!!!!
On Thursday, (Derwent6's birthday) we made our way down to Kent and dropped into Oxford Street first to do a bit of last minute Christmas shopping. It was packed but we did manage to get most of it done. We then got the tube and train down into Kent. That evening we wanted to see our friends, Maxine (the singer on the right in the picture) and Maxine & Graham who own the restaurant she was singing in. It was Abba night and we just had a fabulous time singing the night away. In fact we had such a good time we didn't realise the time, anyway to cut a long story short we got to bed at 4.30am just in time to see dawn breaking.

We managed to get just 3 hours sleep before we had to get up because we had a funeral to go to. It was a sad day as it was the funeral of our good friend Jayne Woodgate, and as good friends have lots of friends, it was packed and we were lucky to get into the chapel. Jayne was a wonderful person, kind, caring, so much fun and very brave. We will always miss her.
We then went on to the Wake, and as Jayne would have wished it was party time.... It was good to see some old friends there, and the whole occasion reminded us all that we need to get together more often. For us after all, it is the whole reason for doing what we are doing....

We then went back to Al's parents with our heads still spinning from the day. At 6.30pm we got the train back to Tring and then walked the mile along the towpath back to Derwent6. When we got inside it was freezing and you could see your breath as we walked through to fire up the central heating. Within half a hour it was back to warm and toasty, but by this time we were falling asleep in each others arms, so with our last efforts after such an emotional day we made the bed and got into it... ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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