Friday, December 18, 2009

Dreaming of a White Christmas

Another cold night!!!! at least the fire stayed in last night. We woke up to snow half filling up the porthole window and ice on the canal, but it did look very pretty. After listening to Terry Wogan signing off his last show, (not that we're Terry Wogan fans) we spent the best part of the day watching the snow coming down and listening to the dreadful traffic reports all round the country. So bit of a lazy day for us. We saw a couple of boats go past breaking the ice, but that's not for us. It feels so Christmassy with the snow and the fairy lights and a roaring fire on Derwent6 why would you want to be anywhere else....

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Anonymous said...

call that snow you should be down south to see what snow is all about. Graham had the JCB out to get the car park open Tanya said the car skided but she was not speeding or braking, Erica called me at work to tell me I was mad but realy it was to get the shopping next door to the office at tesco as she would not drive.
So stay warm and we will all meet up over the hols at some point.