Saturday, December 12, 2009

Al in London again, Del in the Poop

We got up early and walked to Wolverton Station as Al was meeting up with her friend Lisa. They were going down to London as they were having a photo shoot done which Al bought for Lisa's 40th birthday. Del walked back to Derwent6 and started leathering it off. At this point a guy walked past with his dog and his dog decided it would Poop right by Derwent6. Del was canalside and gave the guy a shout but all he did was pull his hat over his ears. Twenty minutes later he could be seen walking back, so Del went inside and got a Tesco's bag. "What about your dog poop you left by the boat". With a confussed look he said "What Poop, Oh I haven't got any bags" Del then pulled the Tesco's bag out of his pocket and said "Use this one". After going up to the poop he then said "That's not my dogs poop" (it was Del who saw it do it) and then threw the Tesco's bag into the canal. In the hast to get the bag out of the canal and stop it going into someone's prop, the man was off like a rabbit, so Del shouted at him " I'll pick it up then" and used the bag to collect the poop. By this time he was so far away, but if he comes this way tomorrow Del will be following him home to dump on HIS doorstep.

Del then got rid of the rubbish and the dog poop and then did a few things inside Derwent6. The rest of the day was just chilling out. Al stayed late in London and stayed at her Mum and Dads for the night. A lonely night for both of us!!!!!!!

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Wozie said...

Good for you Del, perhaps you should get a photo of him and his dog next time and tell him you will post it on the internet!

nb Oakfield