Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh please can I go and see Santa ( I'd like some slippers)

Lovely bright start to the day today, so we decided to do a bit more Christmas shopping. We set off on the mile trip to the Milton Keynes shopping centre. The Christmas decs were great and probably the best we have seen this year (so it beat London).

We manage to get all the things we wanted including new jim jams and a new top for Al and a new pair of trousers and a pair of slippers for Del.....a pair of slippers for Del we here you ask, and yes, they had run out of pipes...... The thing is, a boat has to be vented, and you get this draft which runs along the floor and makes your feet cold, so slippers are the easy answer. We got more Christmas pressie's as well and had lunch out at Cafe Italia, a nice change. It was good to see a proper children's fun fair and a crib in the main arena with good old fashioned things going on all day. It was also refreshing to see the five year old kids sing Christmas carols and all the Mums & Dads videoing and taking photos, something you don't see nowadays.

We then made our way back to Derwent6 before dark and were surprised how warm it was inside even though the temperature had dropped. We lit the fire and run the engine for a hour and half before chilling out for the evening.

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