Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Keen to get to Milton Keynes

As usual it rained over night after Derwent6 had been cleaned but the rain had cleared by the morning and it was all systems go for moving. We left at 8.00am and thought we would top up with water while Al popped along to Tesco's. Then Del moved Derwent6 along to the Tesco's entrance so Al could bring the shopping trolley right up to the cratch. Fantastic especially when there was a beer offer of 30 beers for £15.00. We then made our way down through Stoke Hammond and on to Fenny Stratford We did pass two Alvechurch boats and caught a boat up at the three locks at Soulbury, so it felt quite busy today. We find it amazing that some of these locks date back to 1802, our history is just the best.Note the swing bridge in the middle of the lock. The sun was out but it felt very cold though there was no wind. We knew when we were getting into Milton Keynes due the to prop picking up bits and pieces, such as a towel at one lock and a piece of rope at the next, but it never hindered us. Check out these prices, £3.50 for as much as you can eat carvery, Monday to Saturday, it was packed by the way....We found a nice mooring and then set about getting some wood chopped up so we could keep nice and warm. Well it was so hot in Derwent6 tonight we had to open up the cratch and the side windows or maybe it was the lovely curry Al cooked for dinner.


Anonymous said...

I bet they were wishing you on your way after they took your plates away.


Louise & Cliff said...

We have got 2 off them down here Del they are great value and bloody good food