Monday, October 08, 2018

Waterpoint not working, Gate leaking, but Bat hunting?

Al had gone to a funeral down in Kent and Del was cat sitting and trying to sort out the leak we had but without much success. It turned out to be a very emotional day so Del did all the boat work inside so it was nice when Al returned..
We set off early on the Wednesday on a really lovely September day and took in the scenery.
  We made our way back through Hinckley and past Trinity Marina. Marked in the book here are some visitors moorings but we never saw them.. It also seems ok to double breast here as well.
We then pulled up at the water point at Limekilns, and were then surprised that it wasn't turned on and water was not available, not good when water points are a bit scarce.
 We carried on and the waters get shallow again as the rudder digs into mud when trying to turn.. It means you have to back off and go on tickover if required..  We then came to a bridge which was blocked by a CaRT boat. As three guys pulled it out of the way for us we asked "Are you checking the bridge", "Oh No!" was the reply "we are checking for bats"..
We carried on up to the junction through the narrow section and then took the turn south where the water levels were much better on the Coventry canal.
We got to Hawkesbury Junction and went through the stop lock (which was leaking by the way).
We saw a spot and moored up for the night.
We were then tempted to go in the Greyhound and ended up eating, the food is great here..


Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder if the C&RT bods have gone batty on wasting money, doesn't it?
Ann M xx

Del and Al said...

Hi Ann, it sure does!