Thursday, October 18, 2018

On a warm and misty morning!

After all the rain we woke up this morning to a damp and misty canal, but it was so warm again, weird!
We set off and followed a boat that had just passed, saying hello to the cows having a drink.
It is still quite busy with boats as the weather has been warm, and the trees are still very green for this time of year. We got through the tight section with a widebeam making things difficult.
We soon got to Braunston with its church in the distance.
We wanted to go to the chandler's but that boat in front of us pulled up on the moorings. We moored up a little further on and took the walk round to get our water pump, which had been kept to one side for us as it was 24volt.
We also brought a 24 volt bilge pump and hose so we don't have spend four hours getting water out from under the floor boards.
We then got to the water point and it was the moment of truth for us.. Del took the covers off the water pump and Al filled the tank with water.. Half full and still no leaks, three quarters full and still no leaks. We heard the overflow and turned off the tap, blimey! still no leaks YET! fingers crossed. Lets see what happens overnight?
We then carried on towards the locks, with Derwent6 covered in leaves, and looked for a boat to up the flight with to save water in these difficult times.

It wasn't long before a boat came up behind and joined us in the first lock.
It was a nice couple and the lady had just got over cancer and the chemo had worked for her..
They had a knitting boat and did all the festivals, we wish them luck!
We moored at the top of the locks where we have no phone signal, no telly signal, but a good internet signal. What did we do before the internet?  Possibly sleep more!
Tooty the cat was off in a flash, and Del cleaned the roof.  Al cooked a lovely toad in the hole and we were warm and cosy, inside and out.. Moving again tomorrow..

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