Thursday, October 04, 2018

Boats Trains and Automobiles.

Maxine and Graham stayed with us over the weekend and it was so good to see them. We had had a great couple of days with them and it wasn't going to stop now.. We know how much they love boating, so as the weather was holding out we thought a trip was in order.. Graham was straight on the tiller and Maxine had her feet up in the cratch.
We did a small seven mile trip through Market Bosworth and ended up at Sutton Wharf.

We then walked over to the café here and had some lunch mid afternoon.. We then walked a mile back to Shenton Station and got the last Steam train back to Shackerstone to pick up the car..

We got in one of the old carriages as the smoke, soot and steam came in the window.. It was really good fun!
We all drove back to Derwent6 and Maxine and Graham got ready to go.. Al was also going to go back with them, as she was sadly going to a funeral, and it was difficult to leave Tooty and Derwent6.
Del then set off from the café.

He went a couple of mile back to Stoke Golding where he could have a better look at this leak and Tooty was free to run around..