Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Quiet Cruising!

After a heavy night we were up early as we thought the weather might be a bit iffy. It showed it was going to be cloudy but in fact it was misty first thing and then we had a bit of sunshine. We set off from All Oaks and with no wind the canal was like a mirror glass.
In fact it was lovely to be cruising again and we took the opportunity to do a bit of washing while watching the new born lambs in the fields..

We soon got to Newbold tunnel and never passed a boat, it has been so quiet, lovely!
We passed through Brownsover and again it was empty because of the closure at Clifton.
We spotted some wood on the way up to Clifton marina, which is now a winding hole. Its a bit tight to turn but we got it spot on and turned easy.
It has nice views of the cows in the fields opposite.
We then went back to Brownsover and filled with water and got rid of our rubbish.
We then picked our mooring and picked a spot where we could get telly.
Al walked down the shops and picked up a roast chicken for a Sunday lunch, while Del cleaned out the chimney and set things up.
We have been a bit worried because we are getting a funny smell from the cratch area which smells like gas, but could be a dead animal. It seemed to go when we turned off the gas so an inspection will be required later, another important item added to the list
We watched the Olympics and the football in the afternoon and threw another log on the fire. We are so enjoying where we are..


Rog n Jane said...

We had a similar gas smell just outside the cratch. Eventually realised it was a faulty valve on the gas bottle, did your gas smell coincide with a new gas bottle. Hope you track it down and get it sorted.

Anonymous said...

A present from your cat maybe?
Winter cruising is the best, more freedom!
Ann and Keith xx

Del and Al said...

We've sorted the gas leak. Got a gas detector from screwfix and the culprit was a loose nut! Did think it could be a dead mouse lol as it smelt the same!!!