Monday, February 12, 2018

An Anniversary Treat!

Today, 3rd February is the Anniversary of us meeting each other 39 years ago in Shoreham village hall in Kent.. When you look at what has happened in our lifes, things arn't bad!
It still feels like the first day we met all those years ago and put your ski's on because we are going to make the most of the downhill section..
So what have we been up to? Well we have only just got over our colds and also aches and pains, but we're still smiling. We have been doing all the normal things boater's do like walking to the shops, getting wood and chopping it up, moving to get water and emptying the waste tank.. We have been all on our own with Tooty the cat and have enjoyed every minute of it.. Yesterday we did get a reply from Beta with an answer to the two questions on the last post and it was professionally answered like this:

Thanks for your e mail
1 )
It is not necessary to fit a clamp coupling if used correctly , we only fit a locking plate as a precaution .
2 )
There has not been a recall , as there have been very few instances of this happening . Many  of the engines are now are over 20 years old
without anything extra been added
3 )
As agreed if you do have a problem with the coupling in the next year or 1000 hours we will have the coupling back and credit the invoice in full  
If you put the coupling in a box we will arrange collection
Kind regards

Make of that what you will but if you have a crankshaft nut holding the pulleys on like this, with a roll pin stuffed into the nut and pulley, I would worry and get the plate fitted on the end if you can fit it. (some crankshafts were shorterned)
After all you wouldn't want the pulley coming off and smashing through the floor boards at 1200 rpm.
Anyway going back to our 39 years, we decided to have a day trip to Birmingham and did some shopping with a coffee and a cake.
In the afternoon we went to the cinema and saw The Greatest Showman. 
It was a good up beat film and we both enjoyed it.
We then made our way for something to eat at Mowgli's an Indian with a twist. We went to the original one in Liverpool and they have just opened one in Brum, it never let us down..
 We got back to Derwent6 at 8.00pm under a blue moon.


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Anonymous said...

Glad you are bothe feeling better and now on the up.
Very disappointed with betas feeble reply which is not much help to you really.
You would think that after ten years all these things would have been resolved.
Ann and Keith xx