Sunday, February 25, 2018

Gas Leak Detector

Our main objective today was to sort out this gas leak.. We could smell it out in the cratch area and also round the fire which was a bit of a worry.. We didn't sleep very well and run the fire so low it was a bit of a chilly night..
Del ordered a Gas leak detector tool from Screwfix which cost £49.00 yesterday, and picked it up in the morning.
After getting back Del was sniffing around and found the leak easily.
It turned out to be a loose nut under the gunwale where the seats fix in the cratch.. After tightening it up the gas tester confirmed it was fixed..
To any boat with gas fitted we would recommend everyone having a tester on board. Its very easy to test the pipes and bottles for leaks. Even the new bottles have leaks and it is very dangerous as it is invisible..  So worry over for us at the moment..

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