Sunday, February 25, 2018

Ahead of the cold snap

The weather looks like we have another cold snap ahead, and as we didn't want to be iced in where we were we decided to move on..
Al went down to Tesco's and got a shop to keep us going, and Del checked the anti freeze levels and then met Al to carry the bags back to Derwent6.
We set off at midday through an empty Brownsover and made our way back to Brinklow going over the two aqueducts.
Where the canal hasn't been used it is getting a bit mucky in places..  There are some tricky turns in places and you can see where the hire boats have hit the bridges.
We went through the tunnel at Newbold which again was full of broken branches and rubbish, its amazing how much the boats keep it clean.
 We then made our way past Cathiron and towards Brinklow marina.
After a tricky turn in we got on to our pontoon which Eric had organised for us. It is always windy up here and it took us a couple of goes to get in, but after Al did a bit of pushing off we reversed into our old original slot.
It was nice to be back on shoreline and we had a good telly signal. So with batteries charging back up we chilled with the Olympics and football..


Anonymous said...

A wise move if the snow lays heavy on those trees overhanging the canals at jaunty angles.
Stay safe and cosy.
Ann and Keith xx

Keith Lodge said...

Not necessarily hire boats hitting bridges, mostly speeding private boats. Stay safe out there.