Monday, February 12, 2018

Through the closure and full again

We got up early just in case Mark on the coal boat Calisto came through early..  Still with a no show in the morning we chopped up some more wood to top the locker back up for the next cold snap.. Other boater's had told us the coal boat was close to us and at 12.30pm Mark arrived.. Its always good to have a chat with Mark, he is like the Telegraph for the canals.
We were shocked to find out that bridge 75 which was closing the canal had now been cancelled. When checking this he was right, but the canal was still closing due to the work on bridge 66A. Rumour has it they are doing bridge 68 the Kent road bridge as well.

We gave the coal boat a 40 minutes head start so we didn't get in his way and set off full of diesel, wood and coal..
You can see the posts fitted where they will chain the canal on Monday 5th and the work is ready for the bridge structure to turn up..

We passed Clifton Marina which was busy with boats and you couldn't get in to use the services there.

We made our way up to Brownsover at Rugby and the good news was that the water point was empty..
With Derwent6's tank near to empty it was going to take along time to fill so while we were on it we decided to manually empty the waste tank. Al went off and got some shopping at the local Tesco's and as the water poured over the overflow she turned up, good timing!
So very smug with all our resources back we pulled over to find a mooring on the 14 days.. The towpath here is still bad and very muddy, but we have been used to that this year.
We were even luck enough to get telly here.  Del got rid of the rubbish and picked up another bag on the way to the waste bins, and then we settled in for the night..

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Anonymous said...

At least you now have rings to tie to on that muddy towpath!
It is a relief to have everything topped up in this unpredictable winter weather.
Stay cosy and warm with your little furry friend.
Ann and Keith xx