Tuesday, August 08, 2017

On to the Basin

We woke up leaning to one side and Derwent6 felt like you were waking through the crooked house, so we decided to move even though our views were amazing.
After cleaning the windows after the locks yesterday we set off from Strines.
We came to the next swing bridge and CaRT were standing either side of it having opened it manually. "The motor has packed up" the shouted as we went past and it turned out they were only opening it at certain times.. Lucky! we thought.
There are a few swing and lift bridges down this section but Wow it is so pretty.. 
We even went past the sweet factory where they make Love Hearts, so even the smells were good..

You are still very high and over look the valleys with the railway running through the middle.
The only problem again was how shallow it was, we had to go at 2mph all the way and god help you if you had to use reverse.
We got to Bugsworth basin and managed to turn and reverse up one of the arms, we made it!

Then it was up the Navigation Pub for a well deserved drink, and a grand Sunday lunch, watching Arsenal win the Charity Shield Cup, Heaven!

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