Thursday, August 31, 2017

Battery testing

We woke up and Del tested the batteries again. They were down below 24 volts something we don't let happen. We have not used anything any different and you can tell from this blog we have been moving most of the time.
When we took a voltage reading across each battery it was at 11.8 volts for five of them and 12.7 volts on one. A bit strange! They were all showing a green dot saying they were ok.
Del tested for a discharge and found there wasn't one and then checked the charge rate. We were advised that the battery showing 12.7 volts could be faulty and also told that we should remove all the batteries and then send them to a garage so they could be trickle charged overnight to bring them back up to strength, a bit difficult on a narrowboat when you need power to work domestic things.
So we took the high voltage battery out of the system and one of the 11.8 volts and just rigged up the other four 11.8 voltage batteries to see if they would charge and hold charge better.
When charged they came back up to 12.8 volts and we will now see what they are in the morning.. Phew!
Del also cleaned the brasses today after being away the weekend and Al walked into Willington and found the Co-Op.

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