Friday, August 18, 2017

Gurnet to Congleton

We set off from Gurnet at 9.00am and we soon went under a shady trail of trees..
We got to a swing bridge and Al swiftly opened it, not holding the traffic up too much.

We carried along the cutting, which had lovely views between the trees, till we got to Bosley Locks.
These are very pretty locks with again lovely views, but locks 3 and 4 leaked so bad you had to be careful the boat didn't fill with water.. With our five foot spare in these locks we could keep well forward.
We had a lot of luck going down because we met a boat in every lock coming up, letting us leave the gates open and going straight in to the next lock, doing the twelve locks in two hours..
We noticed at the bottom that we had a little more water than at the top and there were a lot of bridges to contend with.

We made our way to Congleton, and after the Aqueduct found a lovely mooring where we managed to get both boats in.

After a quick change it was time to go and investigate Congleton town centre.
It was about a mile downhill to the high street and the pubs, but what goes down means you have to come back up.
It was nice to see the old bank had turned into Weatherspoon's and even the bank vault had been used for a area to eat.

We decided not to eat out and walked back up the hill after a few ales of course.
We sat out in the cratch with some toast and wine till our eyes couldn't stay open anymore..

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