Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Peaceful Wendover Arm

On Thursday we had a dossey day.. We stayed at Marsworth and Del cycled round the lakes and Al read her book..
Friday we decided to move and set off at 8.30am and went up the Marsworth flight of six locks..
They were all against us but we had no need to rush so just took our time. We got to the top lock and then made the turn into the Wendover arm.
It was so tight getting round Al had to get off and pull Derwent6 round with the rope.
We started to go up the arm and as usual it was very shallow..
It was a idle job right the way up and at the Bakery Mill Derwent6 wouldn't turn as it was so shallow, so after a bit of reversing and creeping we made our way to the end..
Low and behold it was empty and we had it all to ourselves except one boat which had been there a long time.. They are 48 hour moorings here (if you can get here) but where we moored there are no signs, so it must be 14 days, we think... 

On our way up the arm we met Amanda off n.b What a Lark on her bike, who was taking a look to see what it was like on their trip up to Debdale.. After seeing us she called David to bring What a Lark up with us.. They arrived about forty minutes after us and we soon got out the chairs,beers and eats and had a long chat in the sunshine..
At 4.30pm they decided to leave as they wanted to do so much in their two weeks they had. It was great to see them enjoying themselves and great to see them again. Amanda on her bike and David taking the boat.
After our goodbyes we settled back in the heat watching the wildlife here in the peace and quiet of Little Tring.. We came up here to keep out the way of the IWA traffic going to Cassiobury Park and it seems to have worked..

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