Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Biking to Wendover

We have had just a wonderful weekend.. We have had no boats here at he end of the Wendover Arm and had it all to ourselves except for a few fishermen..  It has been too warm to do anything so we nearly used up the stock of beers we have and relaxed in the sunshine..
On Monday we should have moved but sod it, it is so nice and warm we couldn't be bothered.. so we run the engine and Al got three loads of washing done. After some lunch we decided to go out on our bikes, yes you heard right we.. Del had to get Al's bike out and pump up the tyres so she was ready for action.. Del thought Al should see the work done on the restoration work to the Wendover Canal so we headed to Wendover..
We first took a slight detour to a church to see a memorial that was there to her grandad, but the church was closed and we couldnt get a key.. (we later learnt that we had the wrong church!)
We also saw the RAF training camp where her dad was once stationed..
We then  carried on to Wendover and found a nice pub The Red Lion..
We sat in the garden with our bikes close at hand with a refreshing beer for a hour or two before heading back..
Al had a bit of a wobble on the way back and we had to keep stopping, but we made it.. 
With all the washing dry and put away, we lit the BBQ. Spicy Pork steaks tonight with our last two beers....with Al sitting on her sore arse!

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nb piston broke said...

you mean AL was on a bike I miss all the good things in life Paul