Thursday, July 04, 2013

Single to Cosgrove

Al was staying at her Mum and Dad's last night while Del stayed on Derwent6, so it was disappointing news to find out her Dad's chemo due on Tuesday had been cancelled due to the fact he had the shivers..he was fine in himself but they wouldn't do it in case he had an infection.. They also wouldn't release him from hospital.. so Al stayed to look after her Mum.. Del stayed with Derwent6 and did the brasses and a few other jobs.
On Wednesday, we found out they were going to now do his chemo on Thursday so he would have to stay in on Wednesday, no wonder you can never get a bed when you need one.. Del decided to move Derwent6 even though we were on a fourteen day mooring..

The weather did break during the day and Del made his way through Grafton Regis and Yardley Gobion.
It was a lovely slow cruise in the sunshine and he soon made it to Cosgrove.
When he arrived at the lock someone was sitting on the lock gate and opened it as it was in Del's favour.. On the other gate was a girl who opened them when the lock was ready...... touch!!
Del needed to find a mooring and there was one space left which he squeezed into... just in time to set the telly up and watch the tennis... well done Murray!!

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