Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Down the locks in pain

On the Monday all seemed very quiet on board Derwent6.. We had been here at the top of the locks too long but we had phoned CART to let them know we were overstaying by a day.. We set off early so we could catch the locks in our favour but that went wrong when we untied and two boats passed us..
So the two boats must have felt sorry for us as they refilled the lock as they left which made it a bit easier.. Al then whacked her arm on the windlass as the catch never went down properly.. Del rushed in and got a cold flannel but she still had a big bruise come up..
We got to the bottom of the locks and there were spaces on the 14 day moorings..
We set up and then Al got the bus and train down to Kent as her Dad had to have another bout of chemo, and her Mum had to be looked after.. Del stayed with Derwent6...