Saturday, July 20, 2013

A little drink with friends

It was a nice lie in for us this morning as the sun was trying to peep through the bungs in the portholes. We surfaced at 9.00am and had breakfast out in the cratch.. Del then set to work on cleaning the brasses on the Houdini hatches, a job he doesn't like doing. It took him nearly all day (with a hour stop in the middle) to do them as they don't come out very often. Al read her book in the sunshine (someones got it right) but she did keep the beers flowing..  At 4.00pm we had visitors, Doug and James turned up on n.b Chance and it wasn't long before the table and chairs came out and the champagne flowed and the table was full of nibbles..
After a couple of bottles we all started to get hungry and a bit merry..
We walked down to The Globe Inn where it was packed but Doug managed to usher a couple off their table as they were eating their dessert so we could sit on a table for four.. Well done Doug! We had a lovely meal and all finished our plates with wine and a few more beers..
When we were thrown out of there we walked back to the boats and were invited onto n.b Chance for cheese and biscuits, with a few glasses of port we had on board Derwent6.. As you can imaging by 1.30am we were all tired and slaughtered.. We had such a laugh and a great time as always. Good job it was only six steps to get back home and roll into bed...

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