Tuesday, July 09, 2013

A hot days Cruising

We got up at 7.00am and sorted ourselves out.. we watched Adam leave going in the other direction just before us as we then set off..We crossed the Ouse aqueduct and headed into Wolverton..
The Grand Union then took us all the way round Milton Keynes past Giffard and Campbell Park when we hit the first lock at Fenny Stratford.
 This is a unusual lock because it has a swing bridge and a pub in the middle of it.
We were lucky enough to not have to shut the gates or the bridge due to another boat wanting to come in..  but our luck run out when we got to Willowbridge Marina. They were craning out a boat as we approached so we pulled opposite the marina as the boat swung round and just missed our bow..

We then waited and they got the boat out the way just as another boat came along and pulled in on the diesel pump, "oh we were waiting to go on there" we shouted..  They did offer to move but we said we didn't mind waiting (we did really).. After watching them rush about we got on the diesel pump and got a gas bottle which had run out on our journey here.. With our wallet feeling lighter we set of again to turn the corner and find a diesel boat selling diesel at eight pence a litre cheaper, it would have saved us eleven pounds (another beer night) Oh well, gutted!! We then got to Stoke Hammond Lock which we have got to say is one of the prettiest locks on the Grand Union..
From there it was onto the Three Locks at Soulbury. There were two volunteers on here and it made fast work of them, just as well with all the onlookers from the pub restaurant..
The day had been warming up and was getting to the stage where we just wanted to sit in it, so we found a mooring we like at Old Linslade..
We set the telly up and had another beer and some nibbles out in the cratch and watched the boats go by..

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Must say that bruise looks mighty painful. Hope its not hurting too much.