Sunday, July 21, 2013

Drinks continued

We had a lazy start to the day as it was quite a heavy night last night.. We decided to miss out on breakfast and run straight into lunch.. It was a cloudy day today so a bit cooler, it was nice not to be covered in suntan lotion and feeling sweaty all day.. Del did some more brasses while Al read her book.. Doug and James were moored in front of us on n.b Chance but never surfaced till lunchtime..  We had decided to have a BBQ at 6.00pm so we all got prepared for a bit of a feast. We had the coals burning hot, loads of nibbles and drinks cooled and ready to flow..
We also had lights in the trees and candles and of course music. We invited Pauline & Neil on nb Waterlilly, and after their visit to the pub they popped along for a drink and nibbles with a chat...
The BBQ was full with meat and we were never going to eat it all, and we also had jugs of  Pimms on the side. As you can imagine it was a continuation of last night..
It wasn't till it all caught up with us and we started to feel a bit cold, that we decided to call it a day.. We cleared up and crashed out with full stomachs and tipsy.... Again!

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