Thursday, July 25, 2013

Matty's moving Magic

After a heavy night of rain we were up early waiting for our guest today.. Matty, our nephew, was coming up by train with his Dad, and meeting us at Leighton Buzzard station. As you could see he was very pleased to see us when he arrived..
After Dad (Del's brother Cliff) got on the train back to Kent we made our way to Tesco's where Matty picked some of his favourite things..
We got back to Derwent6 and then had some lunch. After that we decided to set off towards the three locks at Soulbury.
It's nice to have more crew on board and Matty was soon helping Al on the lock gates and we were guided into the lock by these fellows..
We got to the bottom and filled with water, finding the tap here quite fast, which is a bonus, as it is on the lock landings for coming up the locks.
It was then a case of finding a mooring and we had to get to bridge 106 before we spotted a nice mooring in the sunshine.
Matty wanted to go Geocaching so we soon found a location and got out the etrek to put in the co-ordinates. It took us back towards the three locks and it wasn't long before we found it, well Matty found it.. 

As we were so close to the pub it was rude not to go in for a pint.. While we were in there we were joined by friends off n.b Little Pumpkin and they brought Matty another drink after having the first one thrown over them. After saying goodbye we then made our way back to Derwent6 where Al cooked dinner and Matty prepared us a lovely dessert..
With a long day ahead of us tomorrow we might just have an early night.. 

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