Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Snowing wood chip with the Decorations

We were woken up by some contractors (Allen Groundcare 01327 354789) who decided it would be fun to cover Derwent6 with wood chips "Oi!!!" they got from Del. "Oh we will clean it up" they said. Um with a hard broom we thought.. No chance!!!After wiping down Derwent6, and calming down a bit, we set about getting the Christmas Decks up. Al missed out with all this last year because of problems with her Mum, but this year (with what had gone on) we really wanted to enjoy the build up to Christmas. Derwent6 has got its Christmas tree up and the famous mouse ears on the bow of Derwent6. It's like Santa's grotto inside with a bit of twinkle on the outside.. Later in the day, Del got rid of the rubbish and twisted his ankle in the process, so we will have to see how that is in the morning as we need to get water.

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