Friday, November 25, 2011

More Expense and Expense Saved

We had a bit of rain last night but we need it round these parts. The wind was a bit strong so we decided to stay put and do a few jobs. After a good breakfast, Del set to work to cut up the rest of the wood on the roof and got it in the locker. Al managed to sort out our Insurance which cost us an extra twenty pounds this year but we still got a great deal (Al used to work in Insurance). Our licence runs out at the end of December, so it is an expensive time for us. Del then had a go at the fuel gauge which had packed up about three weeks ago and we were dipping the tank to see how much we had. After a few wiring checks we did last time, it pointed to the sensor, so Del stripped it down. It turned out to be a solder joint on the printed circuit which just needed a dab of solder to fix, and bingo we now have a fuel gauge again. That saved us ninety quid..... Later in the day we got rid of our rubbish and found some kindling on the way. In the evening we chilled with the telly and a DVD.

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