Monday, November 21, 2011

Bumps a Daisy!!!!

It was a misty start to the day but we had decided to leave Cosgrove in peace, but it didn't start too well. As Del was taking this photo going into the lock he misjudged the approach (not like him at all) and rammed Derwent6 into the concrete wall......CRASH!!!!!! it went.. Derwent6 tipped over hard to starboard and then dipped low to port. After some maneuvering he got to the lock. It was then an inspection inside. There were loads of things on the floor like the ecofan and guitar, draws and cupboards had been thrown open and glasses had tipped over in the cabinets...hmmmmm Del was not happy. He had just done all the paintwork (an omen, we think) and it had dented the rubbing straight, but to be fair, Derwent6 took it very well, and nothing was broken.....A bit shook up we stopped for water at the top and the paint came out again. We then took it easy up to Yardley Gobion. It was a bit shallow in places but we were heavy, so we just to idled our way in the broken sunshine. We soon came to the bottom of the Stoke Bruerne flight of seven locks, and BW were working (drinking and eating) on the brickwork of the first pound. It was sad to see that the wellington boots set in cement had gone and a new wall had taken their place. BW were also working further up, three guys in three vans cleaning up one lock. They all moved their vans to the next lock all of fifty metres. They did open the lock gates for us though.We found a mooring at the top where we could get a TV signal but for the first time since April this year we had 2G (a slow Internet signal) You do get spoilt down in London and on the Thames. We were running low on wood so we chopped up what we had left on the roof so we could refill the locker. We just had time to do this before it got dark. Al had then booked her place in front of the telly for "It takes two" to see if she was on it. Del just sighed!!!

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