Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bearer of Bad News

Well yep you're right we haven't blogged for a few days and yep you're also right there is something wrong!

We were out at the pictures watching the Harry Potter film when we got a text saying Del's dad (Len) had been omitted into hospital again after a CT scan. They had found some shadowing on the brain and it needed to be investigated. After a full body MIR scan they found he has cancer of the lung and it had spread to his brain. To cut a long story short we were told there was no light at the end of the tunnel, and we were told he doesn't have very long. There are four categories of cancer, one to four, Len is at four. We are livid that he has only recently had a kidney transplant and this was not checked before hand, but he did smoke in his early days and that is that.

So Len is now back home and we have been spending quality time with the family and friends and we are grateful we have the time to do this.

Today we moved Derwent6 and managed to find a marina which will be able to accommodate us. This blog will be updated, but not everyday, as minutes are now hours to us and the camera is pointing at one person only.


Anonymous said...

I'm so very sorry to hear this. best wishes to all the family.

life afloat on nb tickety boo said...

Thinking of you all at this difficult time, there is a lot of spirit and understanding behind those smiles on the photo, it's so important to keep close as a family at times like this.

Take Care Debbie.

Julie said...

Thinking of you all x

Julie xxx

Anonymous said...

I feared the worst after our conversation the other day x You know where we are if you need anything from a bed down to some running round.
big big love to you all and give Len a kiss from me.
Z xxx

nbAnyJo said...

So sorry to hear this. We are thinking of you both and will keep you in our prayers.

Chris lost her dad to bone cancer early this year so we completely understand what you are going through. Try to be strong for Len's sake it will make all the differance for him. Family must come first, we'll all still be here for you when you get back. God bless and hugs.

Steve and Chris

Anonymous said...

Hi there just read about Len, what a choker. Please remember our thoughts and love are with you and the family, give Len a hug from the Odells, tell him we love him, and also one for Terry.
Love to all
Barb & Les

Chas and Ann said...

We are so sorry to read about Len. You both are in our thoughts at this time. These last few months have been traumatic for Del & Al. Our best wishes are sent with this message. Love from Chas n Ann

Ian and Karen said...

So sorry to hear your news. What a blessing you are able to give time to be with Len right now. These will be very special days.
Thinking of you.

Pip said...

So sorry to hear the sad news. We will be thinking of you both.
Much love
Pip & Rog xxx

BigJohn said...

Wondered why we hadn't seen you. What a shock! SO sorry to hear about your Dad, Del, but glad you were able to go to be with him.
You'll be in our prayers and thoughts. Enjoy the time you still have to share.
With love
John & Fi
nb Epiphany

Del and Al said...

Thanks everyone for these lovely lovely words of support. They mean so much xxx

Mo said...

So sorry to read about your dad Del, we will be thinking of you all

Mo and Ness x

Sue said...

It was good to see how strong you both were when we met.. still thinking of you.. Sue xx

nb piston broke said...

Sorry to hear about Len, thinking of you both at this sad time. Lynne and Paul.

Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

There are lots of us out here rooting for all three of you. Make the best of what you have.

Jo Lodge said...

We are thinking of you and the family. it is such sad news for everyone concerned Hugsssssssss xxxxxxxx

Les Biggs said...

I just hate reading this Del as like so many in the world it is close to home.
All i can say mate is spend as much time as you can with your dad. Laugh with him and cry with him, be there for him as he was for you.
Thinking of you, Al and Len


Jaqueline Biggs said...

I'm so sorry to hear this sad news. May you gather good memories with your family and wrap them close to your hearts. Those who are remembered, live. I'll be holding all of you in my thoughts.