Sunday, July 03, 2011

Soaring with mates

The guys, Bernie and Steve, wanted to go out gliding again with their new boys toys they had brought at the show the other week. So Del checked out the weather with them and then called a cab to Reading station. He was with them at just after eleven and had a great afternoon soaring in the gentle thermals and winds on the south downs. Al had a day to herself on Derwent6 and spent the best part of it watching the Regatta boats returning, while reading her book. Well you have to make the most of the sunshine.

Del went back to Steve's house where Erica had cooked a lovely roast dinner for them both. Thank You!

Steve then kindly run Del back to the station for 7.30pm. He arrived back on Derwent6 at 9.00pm where we were reunited with a glass of wine.

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