Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Doing Nothing Day

The sun was out and we were up early and sitting in the cratch with breakfast. We had planned to move but it was just so nice sitting in the sunshine. We have been watching boats go backwards and forwards and could not be bothered to be queuing at locks and we just love this spot.
Del then did some work on the engine, adjusting the alternator belts, and he also changed the water filter. Al on the other hand, read her book.... We then noticed a plum tree nearby and managed to get a bag full of juicy plums.Al washed them and got them ready for cooking, maybe jam or a crumble yum!

In the evening we walked into town and found an open mic night at The Old Ticket Hall, they have music on all weekend till 2.00am and it's free. It's also only about a five minute walk back to Derwent6.

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bob ellison said...

Hi Del and Al, just checked into your site for the first time today. Very good and you deserve a medal for keeping it up for so long.
You have one of Jim Sparks's hull as we do (Kingsground fit out). I'm interested to know what your draft is (exact) at the bottom of the skeg? Ours is 31" and we're planning to go onto the lancaster soon but we're concered that our draft may cause us difficulies getting onto this canal. BW state 24" maximum but we know deaper drafts go across. Have you done it and what was your experience? We're a 60 ft. cruiser with beta 43 engine.
Another thing, a pal advised me that you have swapped to an Axiom prop? If correct, how have you found this prop. We also have an 18" axiom but have no experience to compare it with. We are happy but do experience picking up pebbles a lot in shallow water, putting up with "pinging" is a bit anoying at times. Not sure how common this is?
If you can let me have a resonse I'd be greatful.
Bob Ellison
NB Jam Pudd 07854649013
Presently at berscough LANCS - LEEDS/LIVERPOOL