Monday, July 04, 2011

It's still cold in the Thames

Another beautiful day and shall we move or not... Well we had breakfast with this friend and then couldn't be bothered to move. Del then chopped up some of the kindling wood we had left on the roof and put it into bags (hopefully not needed for a while) We then saw n.b Epiphany coming towards us and they pulled along side for a chat. It was nice to see them. There are a lot of bloggers down on the Thames at the moment and maybe we should all get together at some point for a big BBQ during the summer months. It then got really hot and it wasn't long before Del was mustering up the courage to go in the Thames to scrub the blacking, but it was so cold. Well two and a half hours later he was still doing this and he was so cold when he got out, he had to have a hot shower and loads of cups of tea to warm up. We then had an early dinner and Al cooked some pork chops American style in beer (as it was Independence day). This finished us off and we sat on the towpath watching the world go by for the rest of the day. What a lovely Monday!

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Sue said...

Two and half hours????

Good grief!

Summer BBQ sounds good, and yes there are a lot of bloggers on the Thames, I cant keep up!

Where shall we meet then, because we are on the way downstream, so are Ken and Shenna (Dogma). Oxford on Friday for us. xx