Thursday, July 07, 2011

Short trip to Bray

It was pouring with rain as we woke up this morning, so a lay in was in order. We planned a walk round town but as the rain started to ease we decided to move off the twenty four hour moorings we were on. We set off at lunchtime and passed under the Maidenhead bridge and then got to millionaires row. We were able to go right up close to the back gardens of all the celebs. We managed to see Michael Parkinson on the phone in his conservatory, but his next door neighbour Rolf Harris wasn't in. You know Rolf's house by the crocodile in the garden. We then passed the village of Bray, famous for its restaurant's. We then spotted a nice free little mooring in the trees, so we swung Derwent6 round and fitted it in at the end of millionaires row. We then went for a walk into Bray. You can get to it by crossing the M4 motorway bridge on the river and then turning right straight into the village. The village was so pretty and you can see why all the stars want to live here. The Waterside restaurant owned by the Roux brothers is right on the Thames and had loads of Limos waiting outside. It was rated as best restaurant in Europe 2011. As you might expect, it's not cheap at £168.00 for a meal, and from £35.00 to £6,950.00 you can get a bottle of red wine........champagne was a bit cheaper......we had a peanut for ten pounds. Then over the road you've got Heston Blumenthal's The Fat Duck another three star restaurant, and he also owns the two pubs in the village. We've got to say it is one of the prettiest village we have seen. We got back and had a cheap dinner on Derwent6 with better views we're sure. The showers came back in the evening so we settled down with some telly.


Anonymous said...

You missed the studios where live aid stars rehearsed any many films were made.


Del and Al said...

we might go there tomorrow :-)