Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Sonning to Marlow

With great regret we left our mooring at Sonning early this morning, we just had that urge to move. We topped up with water at Shiplake lock and then pushed on to Henley. We knew the moorings were free from 10.00am till 3.00pm so we stopped for a walk round town. It was still buzzing from the regatta and very pretty. We sat back on Derwent6 and had lunch and people were taking loads of photos of us, but the last straw was when an American asked us if he could look round Derwent6, as he couldn't believe we lived on it. Yes, we did show him round, but we left soon afterwards to avoid a queue lol. We were able to take Derwent6 straight between the white posts of the rowing track, just as they were taking down the marques and food courts. The rowers do this course in six minutes, we took twenty seven minutes, hmmm.
Still in lovely sunshine we went through Aston and Hurley with some fantastic scenery on the way and houses which blow you away. Here they were playing croquet in the garden.We still feel like we're on holiday when we come on the Thames, with all the lawns mowed in strips and flowers out in the gardens it felt very Disney like.

The clouds started to catch us up and a few spits of rain could be seen on the roof so we looked for a place to moor. The mooring we had marked last year had a charge of five pounds on the trees so we carried on to Marlow. There was one spot, so we went past and sized up Derwent6. We turned into stream and poked the bow in between two fibre glass boats with ease. The heavens then opened and we looked out the window to see we were on free moorings. Just three boats down and they were charging £10.40 for overnight..Lucky or what!!
We then, with coats and umbrella, walked into town to have a nose. It was only a short walk and is quite a cosmopolitan place with pubs and bars and coffee shops and all the main shops. You can see the statue of Sir Steve Redgrave who lives in the town and is a member of the club here where he trained for his five gold medals in rowing. The rain eased up a bit as we walked back to Derwent6, it had been a long day.....

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