Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Leaving the Ashby, but we have a leak?

 We had breakfast with Tanya before she left us at 11.00am for her journey home, it was lovely spending some time with her and breaking some ice having someone on board since lockdown.. 

We had planed to move but the weather changed and the forecast for the afternoon was awful so we decided to stay put as things looked better for tomorrow.. We did see Ian and Irene on n.b Free Spirit and chatted as they passed.  

They were right about the weather so we made it an early start the following day and left at 6.45am with a lovely sunrise.

We crept past the boats at Market Bosworth and headed back out into the countryside..

It was a sad time for us as we were leaving the Ashby and we had really enjoyed it..

 We got to Sutton Cheney and got rid of our rubbish and just quickly topped up with water.

We got to Stoke Golding.

Things got busier after that as it was a Bank Holiday weekend and boats were coming at us from all angles.. 
This guy was very lucky and our luck was about to change!

We pushed on towards Hinckley.

It was then back out in the countryside again were we moored up at bridge 3 and we were soon joined by another two boats.

The great thing was Tooty was in familiar territory..  

You might notice from these photos that Derwent6 is leaning slightly. When we stopped Al walked through the boat and could hear a rushing water sound. We heard this sound when we were at Congerstone last week and thought it was a culvert or something under the boat.. This time it sounded like someone was splashing in a bath and Del pulled up the inspection hatches.. Sure enough the base plate was covered in two inches of water, fresh water it seemed.. so the rest of our evening was bailing out the areas we could get to easily in the bathroom.. We were scooping, sponging, and bailing, and at least 30 litres of water out, so this was serious.. We then slept on it, but we had already made a difference as the draft had come up by 2 inches, and we weren't leaning..   


Carol said...

Gosh, that's a bit scary, hope you get it sorted very soon. We were beginning to think you'd taken root on the Ashby Canal! Best wishes to you both xx

Del and Al said...

Thanks Carol, couldn’t believe the water we got out, now it’s an elimination job! Hope you’re both ok and settling in. Possibly planning to head your way over the Autumn xxx