Tuesday, September 15, 2020

On to Whittington

 We had a lovely weekend on our own just taking in the sunshine, BBQ's and wine.

It was a tad on the windy side, but nonetheless, time we thought we needed for ourselves.. 

On Monday the weather again was fantastic for this time of year and we wanted to make the most of it.. We set off in clear blues skies and it is always a good feeling to be cruising in the sunshine.

We passed the farm heading towards Polesworth and it was busy with its normal activities..  We got to Alvecote marina and the sunshine was still with us.

The canal has been in desperate need of cutting back the vegetation, (although we do quite like it). It makes things a bit tricky and more interesting and makes the canals a bit more river like..

We reached Tamworth and we love this section where everyone has done their back gardens to perfection. its almost like there is a competition on here.

We then got to the Co-Op, which is right on the canal, and Al popped off and picked up a few bits to top up the cupboards..

We then went up to Glascote locks, and while waiting filled with water.

It was busy at the bottom which made things easy for us.. We got to Fazeley Junction, but you can't get rid of your rubbish there now so we carried on and headed on up towards Hopwas..

It was lovely through the woods as it gave us a bit of shade from the heat of the sun.

One of the things you notice now is the amount of house building going on throughout the country. Every trip we take there just seems to be more new houses instead of countryside, but it does sometimes give us more facilities.  

At Whittington we found a lovely mooring, albeit a bit close to the railway, but it will only be for one night and it gave us a terrific sunset out in the cratch with our turkey salad and wine..


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