Thursday, September 03, 2020

Bailed out and onwards

 It was another 7.00am start and we left quietly again as we made out way to the junction which was only a mile away.

The turn went well as no-one was about and we headed down towards Hawksbury junction.


We took the turn and did our first lock for over two months..


We then headed through Ansty, chatting to Andy and Hilary on nb Maisibert on the way. There was quite a chilly northerly wind and it made it a bit uncomfortable on the tiller, but who's complaining..

  We reached All Oaks Woods, where they had the landslide, and this temporary towpath has been stuck out into the canal which makes things difficult.. It was very busy here and also very overgrown which made it tricky to pass, so we carried on and found a nice spot just round the corner..

This was new ground for Tooty and he was off in a flash to investigate.. 
Del got to work on bailing more water out from under the floor boards, but we have decided to obtain a pump to deal with the task.. As from these pictures you can see we are more upright now..  So what is causing it? Was it when we had the leak at the water tank and it found its way down to the bathroom. Is it rain water, or have we got a central heating leak which is turned off to the pump.. it could also be the shower tray leaking, or maybe just twelve years of condensation we have not noticed.. The pump does seem to have a low pressure problem, but doesn't go off on its own at all.. Hmmm just another job to add to the list!!!


Ian and Irene Jameison said...

Hi Del & Al. Just a couple of thoughts regarding your little problem.
If the water in the bilge is clear it would rule out central heating as this would have antifreeze in it, likewise if it was from the shower tray waste as it would be "grey water". If it was from the domestic water system the pump would be running intermittently to maintain pressure, So that removes 3 possibilities. What we had on our original boat was a leak on the inlet pipework on the pump from the tank which took ages to find. If it was a leak from a window I would expect to see staining on the woodwork on the return edge below the gunwale.
I would suggest that you get the bilge as dry as possible and then keep an eye on it for a while. As an afterthought, do you have a pressure relief valve on the calorimeter and if so does the outlet run into the bilge? I have known these to weep water!
Good luck with finding it.

Anonymous said...

Hello, not good, have you checked all your liftout floorboard checkpoints.
May save time finding the area it's coming from, hope you can fix it asap.
Good Luck A&K xx

Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Hi there,
We had a problem with intermittent water in the bilge until the season before last when the lovely Ed Shiers came and diagnosed the problem - we'd always thought it was because we overfilled the washing machine (we use a jug to fill it with warm water through the soap dispenser as it saves time and power on heating the water up ...). Anyway, it transpired that it was a little overflow pipe from the calorifier that had nowhere to drain apart from into the bilge when the calorifier heated the water up causing it to expand enough to need an escape route. It was an issue caused by the original owner not doing the job properly - really made us cross!

Could something similar be occurring on Derwent 6?

We are missing the boating, by the way ...

Big hugs, Marilyn and David

Del and Al said...

Hi everyone! Thanks you for your concern and for all your suggestions, they were really helpful. We've solved the problem today, after an elimination game of trial & error! Just getting up to date with the blog.

Blooming water leaks are a nightmare!!