Thursday, September 10, 2020

Greg's 60th by the seaside

 The following morning we set off down to Whitstable and met up with Zoe and Greg in their lovely house by the sea. Zoe had organised a gathering of 30 people (fifteen couples) in their local the Neptune on the beach. We had some lunch in the garden and then made our way over to the pub in the afternoon. Here it was difficult to totally social distance, but as you can see from this picture of Al and Greg, we all had masks on, except Greg.

Suzy and Steve had dished out masks they had made of Greg, and they worked really well, we had such a laugh. There was food and drink until dusk and it was an amazing night in our own private area on the beach.

The following morning Greg had cooked us all bacon and eggs to set us on our way back to the drama on Derwent6, but not without stopping off at Richard and Lisa's to see Alex, who is our godson, who was 21.. 

We travelled back wondering what we were going to find! ..

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