Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Marina Required..

 We set off the following day and things were a lot better as we had already taken 30 litres of water out from under the floorboards of Derwent6, but what else will we find? We passed nine boats and we only did a quarter of a mile before we made the marina at Brinklow.

We moored up as the wind was just a light breeze and it can be tricky here if it gets about 10 mph.. Our plan was that we were going down to Kent for the weekend and Al had already hired a disinfected car, but this car would have other uses now.. Del ripped up the carpet in the bedroom and the water levels under the floor were still high so we had to go further back. At the waste tank it was at least six inches deep, so we purchased a manual pump which would get down the side of the waste tank to take out the water.. This pump is amazing and we recommend any boater to purchase one of these..

  Anyway we ended up pulling out another 120 litres, Derwent6 had come out of the water by 3 inches (no wonder we were struggling up the Ashby canal)..  After layering the base plate with nappies we then dropped Tooty the cat off late in the afternoon, and went to bed early. 

The following morning it was a good inspection to see if we were full of water again. The nappies had soaked up most of the left water but even then we pulled out another 2 litres. Lined with fresh nappies we decided to set off for Surrey as Al wanted to see her sister.. We had a lovely time with them, social distancing in the garden, and they gave us a lovely lunch.

From there we set off to Kent and met up with Terry and Ron (Del's stepmum) and they had prepared just a fantastic steak and mushroom pie for dinner, with fresh veggies from their allotment.


In the morning we went down to Faversham as we had an appointment for lunch there. Terry had arranged to see her cousin who runs a pub there, and they opened especially for us and we had a lovely time, it was just a nice day!

The following day, after a lovely full English breakfast, we headed over to Terry and Ron's Allotment.

It was then over to Bernie and Sarah's where we met up with Steve and Erica for a cracking BBQ. It just felt a little bit normal to be with them all, but weird as we kept our distances and used our common sense.

Again this was a lovely evening huddled round the chimney with its glow of coal and wood, with a beer or Gin in hand.

The food again was supplied by David and it was top notch.

And Tanya had made a lovely cheesecake dessert

It was just so good to see them....


Anonymous said...

Great to spend time with you.love Terry and Ron xxx

Del and Al said...

Hi Both, it was! So lovely to see you when we could xxx