Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Hot days cruise to Shugborough

 We woke up to a light fog but you could tell it was going to be another hot day, so cruising it was then!!

(Sorry about the black dot on the camera lens, it looks like it all might have to come apart to fix it.. Aghhh!)

We soon passed Streethay Wharf and made our way to Fradley Junction.

Here we got water again and got rid of our rubbish.

We then turned onto the Trent and Mersey, and with the lock keepers on duty they soon had the lock ready for us.

In fact all three locks that we had to do were open for us and it was plain sailing..

Everyone is in such a good mood when the weather is fine, sunshine is such a good medicine.. Well it  was until we nearly got rammed.. A boat came out of Kings Bromley marina, and I think they were trying to beat us so they didn't have to follow a slow continuous cruiser..

We slammed on the brakes and then turned round them, and they followed us for the rest of the day. Had he of waited we probably would have let him go. We made our way up to Handsacre and the first change you notice is more houses built on the approach. This is such a pretty little village with some lovely houses on the canal and a good pub too.

Its also so much fun with the weeping willows as well.

We carried on to Armitage and passed the toilet factory here. It was tight to pass in sections, but again made it interesting, maybe because we have all day to pass..

Talking of tight, we then had Armitage tunnel which is now just a tight cutting which is one way.. We were lucky here as we had a boat in front of us (as well as the one behind), so we could just follow through. Its so different with its cave like features..

It opens up a bit then and you are higher than the things around you..

He you are close to Rugeley Power station, but this time it is obscured by new houses, a different backdrop if you live here..

  After crossing the large Aqueduct you are back out into the countryside again.

This hasn't been spoilt yet, even though the pig farm has gone and a boat yard is painting boats in a field, can't be good for the environment, bet the air was cleaner round there during lockdown.  As we came out of Wolseley bridge, boaters were beginning to look for shade as the temperatures soared to 27 degrees. There are some nice houses here as you approach the lock.

There was a small queue at Little Haywood, but it was good to get off and stretch our legs for a bit.

We then found a nice mooring at Shugborough Hall moorings.

We got out the BBQ almost straight away, but more importantly got a cold beer from the fridge and flipped the lid..


We have had a full on four days of cruising. We are so looking forward to treading on new ground over the coming weeks.. 

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