Sunday, June 28, 2020

Long day to the Ashby

We have had a good couple of days here at All Oaks Wood and Del picked up his prescription from the doctors after taking a video call from the doctor himself..
We knew the weather was good again today so we left early (7.00am) and made our way to the stop gate at Rose's narrowboats..
It was lovely and cool for the first two and a half hours as we made our way up to Hawksberry junction.

When we arrived it wasn't that busy and we got straight onto the water point but the tap was just so slow..
We stuck with it and Del polished the side while we did it.. we then did the small one foot deep stop lock and then took the turn onto the Coventry north, the cruising was amazing and very relaxed.

Again it was an easy cruise and you just notice how green everything is.
We then turned onto the Ashby canal and remembered how much we like it on here.
We knew a good mooring at bridge three and luckily it was free, and a wide towpath area, so we moored up and Tooty was off in a flash to explore his new territory..
We were soon chilling in the sunshine which got up to 40 degrees at one point.
We had no option but to get the BBQ out and of course a bottle of beer, wine and whiskey, in that order!!

When the evening finishes like this it reminds us of just how lucky we are and how beautiful our countryside is!!


Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Looks beautiful!
Did you have your hair up because of the heat or have you cut it very short?

tony said...

It's funny how we all like the same moorings. Was there a fortnight ago.just arrived Alrewas another favourite mooring.

Del and Al said...

Hi Marilyn, Thanks, it is so lovely. Haven't had my hair cut lol, its got so long it was just too hot not to put it up!
Hope David is recovering quickly, and your trip to South Island goes well.
Take care both xxx

Del and Al said...

Hi Tony, its a smashing mooring isn't it, shame we missed you. Enjoy Alrewas x