Saturday, June 27, 2020

Fitting it all in

Del was up at 5.30am and teas were made before we set off quietly..
It was a beautiful morning and we planned to make the most of it.. We passed Clifton marina which again was chocker with hire boats with just enough room to pass through, god help you if you meet anything..
We then made our way up to Brownsover which was one of our objectives.. It was busy here and we wanted to top up with water so we used the spot to suss things out..
Our plan was to get a food shop done very early in the morning and Al would go round on her own and get it in the trolley. While Al was doing that Del filled with water and then put Derwent6 on the otherside of the canal so it was easy to load.
This all worked as Al had no problems around the Supermarket and was soon texting Del to say, meet her halfway to help push the loaded trolley back..
Next was Tooty. Due to the lockdown he had run behind with his vaccination jabs and we needed to get him up to date in case we have to put him in a cattery for an emergency.. We walked him down and then waited in the carpark till we were instructed to go in and see the vet.. He had to go in on his own and we waited for his return, £71.00 lighter..
We then made our way up towards Newbold and passed some lovely blue fields..

At Newbold itself it was still very quiet and the tunnel was empty.

At the Armada boatyard they have worked hard over lockdown with its new look, we loved the shell sign..
We pushed on to All Oaks Wood where a fallen tree was making a bit of a hazard but we could just squeeze through..
There we a few moorings available so we picked one where we knew we could get a tv signal.
So we were sorted for the day, all moored up by 11.30am and water, food and Tooty sorted.. We did spot this fella today!!


Unknown said...

Looks lovely, but what is that on the bank!!???

Del and Al said...

A turtle lol

Unknown said...

Well, who knew there were Turtles in our waterways?!! Wow.