Saturday, June 13, 2020

Down the Watford flight

We sat tight over the weekend as the weather just was so unpredictable, heavy rain one minute bright sunshine the next so we just enjoyed being at home..
Al read her book while Del played the guitar and did some small jobs around the boat..  We met up with friends on Zoom and Teams and Del chopped up the wood on the roof so the locker was full of seasoning wood, Oh and Al did a super Sunday lunch..  We booked in with CRT (Canal and River Trust) and thought we had a booking at 11.00am.
When we arrived we wasn't on the list, but Martin the locky is such a nice fella he locked us down anyway after just a half hour wait..

We were going down the flight and it was very enjoyable chatting to Martin and no other boats about..
We left the locks and took a long slow cruise to Norton Junction where there was a lot of garden in the canal after the lockdown period.
It was also nice to see the trains running more frequent.
We were lucky when we got to the junction there was a spot just for us..
To make things even better the sunshine appeared and a spot of lunch went down well as we tried to make some plans for the future, difficult in the currant situation..  Tooty the cat is loving his new environments and has been mousing every night..

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