Monday, June 08, 2020

Derwent6 and the Hare

We stayed at bridge 27 on the summit because we had spotted some wood on the way up here..
We had a day of complete sunshine and a day of rain. The day of sunshine the BBQ was back out together with a glass of wine, and on the wet day we cleaned the Morso Squirrel and made it look like new again. We also spotted a couple of hares running around the field next to us..
and the sheep..
On the day we left Del picked up the wood he had spotted and loaded it on the roof, cleaned out the bilge and wiped down Derwent6 of the pollen and tree buds..
 We then had some breakfast and pushed out the bow.. It was lovely cruising and was warm as we set off, but then the wind had a bite to it and a fleece had to be put on, but it stayed dry..

We got to Yelvertoft and just topped up with water but not without a drama.. The cushion got blown of the front in the cratch and Del had to manoeuvre to collect it..  We got rid of some rubbish and set off again..
We soon arrived in Crick and moored up where Al tried out her new trolley and took a chance of going to the Co-Op.
It turned out fine although she spent a bit more as she didn't have to carry it!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely fabulous, glad you are free to cruise through the green countryside again.
Wonderful pic of the hares, you did well to catch them as they bound along so fast.
I have enjoyed all your wildlife pics and stories, too btw.
Belated Happy Birthday, Al, we've had no internet for a few days.
Love from Ann and Keith xx

Del and Al said...

Thanks both, it's good to be moving again, and the countryside is looking lovely. Hope your back's getting better Ann.
Take care x