Thursday, October 10, 2019

Wendover canal trust and got hit by some experts..

We have really enjoyed our stay here up the Wendover Arm as it has been so peaceful and the wildlife is amazing.. We did have one drama when n.b Tarporley, a community narrowboat which runs organised trips, turned up..
With loads of room to turn he just carried on and hit us diagonally on the bow telling us he couldn't find reverse. That's a shame as it has this on their website..
 N. B. Tarporley is an historic vessel; she can only be handled safely with skill and experience, and she is therefore not available to hire on a self-steer basis, so why not let us show you.
The three guys then found it funny and after some thought (and Del letting them know it was not ok) did apologise. They moored up and didn't have the manners to come and see if things were alright.. So we now have to pay for a new Button as it took the brunt of the hit.
An email was sent off to them to let them know how we feel..

We then went for a walk and explored how the Wendover Canal Trust are getting on with the Wendover canal.
They are getting on very well and working on the last section as we speak..
They have dug out the last section and it doesn't feel far away, however there are lots of hidden work to be done..

Here you can see the bridge you can walk down to and each direction from the top.
If you walk back towards the basin then you can see where they have cut it all out and are preparing the sides.. The guys are really nice fellas and love to see boats using the basin.
Moving off tomorrow!


Adam said...

Tarporley is on its way back to London after having a new paint job at Baxter’s. I’m amazed they had time to go down the arm.

Del and Al said...

Hi Adam, thought it looked like they had had a new paint job. Unless they get to grips with steering & stopping it wont look that new by the time they get back to London lol !