Sunday, October 20, 2019

Sun before eleven!

It was a lovely cold start to the morning, so we lit the fire, set off at 9.00am, and turned outside Cowroast marina.
We had to turn here because the weeds were so bad on the winding hole we feared stuff getting round the propeller. We then crept past all the boats and headed into the wooded section past Tring station again.
It was very pretty as the sunshine shone through the trees and gave it all a mystic look.

We reached the water point and a widebeam was on it attached to the water point.. This is how the conversation went.
WB "Do you want water mate"
D6  "Yes mate, but it's a fast tap so we will wait thanks"
WB "Oh I've filled, but I want to jet wash the boat off"
D6 " Oh right we will get our water first then please"

We filled with water and made our way up to the lock..
A boat was coming out as we turned up with the volunteers at the ready.
 With the locks in our favour we progressed down the flight with ease, with sunshine at the top.

And clouds at the bottom.
We passed the Aylesbury Arm and it was just starting to spit with rain but we just wanted to get through the last two locks on the flight.
By this time it was pouring down and we were getting a tad wet. Luckily our mooring was available and we sorted ourselves out and wrapped up by the fire.
The nights are drawing in now and its dark by 6.30pm and after our dinner and Al's Strictly "It takes two" we turned off the telly and listened to the radio. It's a very therapeutic thing to do on a autumnal evening.


Anonymous said...

Like your pics of your trip down all those locks in the sunshine.
We find there's not much of interest to watch on tv, so we often listen to music now.
Ann and Keith xx

Del and Al said...

Thanks both, you can't believe we have all these TV channels to chose from yet most nights I still say 'there's nothing to watch' lol
Have loved following your trip in the camper on FB x