Thursday, October 17, 2019

Getting out for lunch!

The weather hasn't been very good over the last few days and it just feels like we have had so much rain.. It's great that the rain must be topping up those low reservoirs, but when living on a boat, and you're part of the outdoors, it can be a bit of a pain sometimes.. We did come down the GU because the towpaths here are a lot better than other parts of the system, but it just so happens where we are at Cowroast the paths are very muddy..
So today we decided to go out as the sun was trying to poke through. We took the bus to Berkhamsted and treated ourselves to a nice Italian lunch.
We went to Per Tutti which did a lunchtime special for £9.60 for two courses and it turned out to be very good value. The service was amazing and the quality of the food so fresh and filling.. It was very busy which always tells a story and we enjoyed every second of it.
We then pottered around town picking up some bits for Derwent6 including a new broom head and Yes! we got another test lamp to replace the one Del has lost somewhere (it will probably turn up now). After a bit of shopping in M and S we made our way back to Derwent6 on the bus. With just that little bit of sun it was good to see the batteries back at 100%. We have had to run the engine once to give us some hot water and keep them topped up..
We had a relaxing night in front of the telly to finish the day, what's in store for tomorrow? Life's an adventure..

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