Monday, October 07, 2019

Servicing the Morso

We had arranged a delivery of some fire bits we needed so we were ready for the winter months.. There was a Bed and Breakfast opposite us and they kindly said we could get a parcel delivered to them so we could collect it..
It arrived at 9.30am and it was a lovely calm morning as a hot air balloon passed over our heads..
  After breakfast Del set to work on pulling out the bricks on the Stove. It had been nearly eleven years since we had pulled this lot out.
Al held the torch and put down all the dust sheets, opened all the packaging and we were ready to go.
When we took out the back brick we found that the blanking plate had come loose again.
It was a good job we ordered one of those as well so we could seal everything up here.. After cleaning things out and fitting the bricks it was then time to sort out our broken glass.
New sealing ropes and the new glass was fitted and the door closed the best it had for a long time..

We felt good that we had achieved something today, and that things were safe on board Derwent6. We have been lucky so far this year as we haven't had to light the fire, but we have had the central heating boiler running for an hour in the morning and an hour at night..
Al did clean out all ornaments from the dresser as they were getting dusty and the fire wasn't helping..

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