Friday, October 25, 2019

Fair weather boaters

As anyone following this blog will know, we are fair weather boaters, and we just don't see the point of travelling in the rain, if we don't have to. Let's be honest October has been a very wet month.
We were caught out getting here at Pitstone and it just take a bit of the fun out of cruising.
So we stayed put for the weekend as we wanted to watch the Rugby and other stuff including Al's Strictly.
We haven't been able to do much as it stopped us getting outside, but to be honest is has just been nice to do nothing but lard in front of the telly watching sport! We have laid off the drink for a bit as well and both lost a bit of weight, because we needed to..
It has just got cold enough that we now have to light the fire, and to get to the fire we put the central heating on for an hour, and Derwent6 is always warm and snug.. We planned to move off Monday but the weather still looked iffy. So here for another day with good signals and views..
Today was the day we lost Alf, (Al's dad) five years ago, it is amazing how much it leaves a big hole in your life. RIP to all our loved one's..

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