Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Out and about with wheels

So we had the car for a day and we intended to use it.. Del had wanted to go gliding on a slope nearby but the weather was a bit gloomy and damp, so that was out. We decided to jump in the car and head to Milton Keynes shops where we popped to the outlets looking for bits for Derwent6. Del needed a new antifreeze tester and also we needed to sort out the Christmas cards for later this month.. Al picked up a new top and also some cleaning products she wanted. Del got some tools he needed to do the gearbox oil cooler which should arrive today at some point..
We got a text saying the parts should arrive with us at 4.30pm and just as we turned up the dpd van pulled up.. We took the box back to Derwent6 and opened it up, all good! just got do it now!

In the evening we've got to admit we were still recovering from Thursday night, so it was an early night for us.

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