Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Needing the services..

The weather was wet when we planned to leave, and a quick check told us it was stopping at 10.00am. Al waked up to the lock, and as Del arrived on Derwent6 a boat was coming out. We took it steady up to the Tesco's, and as we were mooring up we felt something rolling underneath the base plate and then lifting the tiller up out of the skeg. With a bit of wiggling luckily it dropped back in the hole, Phew!
Al did some shopping while Del sorted out the rubbish and cleaned the roof of leaves.
When Al came back we set off to the water point just round the corner and while we filled Del did a manual pump out..

We then set off again and reached Grove Lock, idling past a string of boats. It was good to see our number taken here, proving we have moved around the country.
We decided to go up through the lock and spotted a nice mooring right on the end and within close distance of the pub, Nice!

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